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Let the vibes live and the music talk.

King Tahoe- Be Myself feat. Shark Sinatra and Yuna

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Pretty Girl Poem

Been ignoring my calls you too good for a nigga
Playing chief keef you too hood for a nigga
All the things you wouldn’t girl you would for ya nigga
But I don’t ever trip ma it’s good you my nigga
You my so wrong but it’s right
You my just do it don’t try
You the truth I won’t lie
But all I can do is sigh
Because every boy wants to be the man in your life
But they don’t understand that you demand to be wifed
Flowers marijuana pride and honor
Hair cut nice shirt when he meet your father
Shit I got all that but you make me wanna fall back
They call you names I call you beautiful and I don’t get a call back?
Crazy even in the light these women shady
All them niggas gonna give you is a hard time and a baby
But baby I could never hate on you
Because if you gave me the chance I’d probably play you too.

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"I’m going to be so hurt when you leave you don’t understand you as a goddess me as a man this shit hurts knowing that I love you more than the day loves sunlight we just get one life I’ve been thinking all night why did I fuck up why am I reckless why don’t I get you a diamond ring or a necklace giving you the world the only thing on my checklist the day you leave my world is the day i’ll be breathless like gravity woman you’re the thing that puts the man in me you make me insane but at the same time you’re my sanity with you is where I rather be living happily ending with two words. Marry me." - Dale Latrell
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Clouds are her eyes as she starts to cry,Clocks should come with wings oh the time flies,Love life love dies love lies we’re in love right?You left three times not one right,You should be here when the pain is unbearable,Sharing everything that isn’t physically shareable,
Like your heart your thoughts your wants your dreams,Why give everything when it’s not what it seems,You can’t leave the state, the city, me,Please please please please,What if I admit that I’m always wrong,What if never made another song?Idk fuck it.I’m just another nigga to you,Clouds gone now the sky and your eyes are blue.

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Go check out my cuddy @ezalecantseewell new video “Too High” you might see somebody you know in it. #TownBizz
I don’t want to hurt anybody, I don’t want to break any hearts, I just want to do my music and be a good person. Those who I love know I love them and those who no longer have my love don’t deserve it. All I can do is pray for many blessings and life lessons. I’m not asking for much just love and stability. Amen.
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